An amazing hot swap drive tray

I’m constantly playing around with Operating Systems and applications, and in the vast majority of cases I can use VirtualBox, KVM or VMWare to accomplish my testing. But in some cases I need to use physical hardware, which used to require me to shuffle drives and cables around in my custom built rack mount servers. Well, no more. I picked up a couple of SNT hot swap drive trays and now I can easily swap drives in and out of my rack mount servers. In addition to be being crazy useful, they also look cool:


To add a new drive you open the door, slide it in and then move the lock to the left to keep the drive in place. I couldn’t be happier with this set up, and the testing I did this morning would have taken me a LONG time if this nifty little device wasn’t in place. When you combine these with a solid case, you have a pretty killer home lab. What other solutions do folks use? USB drives? External disks? Something else?

3 thoughts on “An amazing hot swap drive tray”

  1. I was pretty excited about these when I first found them. The problem I have sense discovered is that they are so damn noisy I can’t use them for my home office/workshop. They’d be fine for a datacenter location, but I finally gave up, pulled all the drives out, and installed them inside the somewhat less accessible but infinitely more quiet interior of my chassis.

  2. @lars – that is really odd. I just walked into my lab and I can’t hear anything except one of the case fans in the back of the case (and that isn’t even that loud). My hot swap disk trays are whisper quite.

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