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Centos 6 Linux VMs running inside vSphere 4.1 appear to dynamically discover new LUNs

I came across an interesting discovery yesterday while working on a CentOS 6 gluster node. The node was virtualized inside vSphere 4.1 and needed some additional storage added to it. I went into the VI client and added a new disk while the server was running, expecting to have to reboot or

Upgrading from vSphere 4.0 to vSphere 4.1 update 2

This weekend I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my vSphere 4.0 servers to vSphere 4.1 update 2. The upgrades went amazingly well, and I was amazed at just how easy it is to upgrade a cluster with VMWare update manager. The upgrade process took about 30-minutes per host, and I used the following […]

Awesome vSphere server videos

While I was studying for the VCP4 certification, I watched a number of awesome educational vSphere videos from Mike Laverick. Mike did a killer job with the videos, and they clearly explain a number of vSphere technologies in detail! Thanks a ton Mike for making these available!!!

How to become a VMware certified professional (VCP4)

I passed the Vmware certified professional 4 (VCP4) exam this past Monday. The exam was a bit more difficult than I expected, though I passed it with flying colors. If you are thinking about taking the exam, or are interested in learning more about vSphere, you will definitely want to start out by reading Scott […]

Expanding VMWare guest storage and extending LVM volumes and ext3 file systems to use the new storage

One of my production vSphere virtual machines came close to running out of space this past week. Expanding guest storage with vSphere is a breeze, and I wanted to jot down my notes in this blog post. To expand the size of a virtual disk, you will need to open the virtual infrastructure client, right […]

VMWare tools opensourced

I just came across the open vm tools website. The site hosts the source code to VMWare’s vmtools package, and will be the future home for development surrounding this package. I have encountered a number of issues with vmtools in the past, and the fact that it was closed source made debugging problems difficult. This […]

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