My favorite android applications

I mentioned previously that I picked up an Android phone a few weeks back. As typical geek, I have been on a quest to outfit my phone with some killer applications, and to make my phone use a truly awesome experience. I’ve tested dozens and dozens of applications, and thought I would share my favourites here:

1. News — Basic RSS reader that works.

2. Pandora — Plays music based on your musical prefernces.

3. Google sky — Provides a picture of the sky and displays the star and planet names.

4. Zillow — Shows you real estate listings based on your GPS location.

5. Youtube — Watch youtube movies with a touch of your finger.

6. FM radio — Listen to FM radio stations.

7. Cardiotracker — Provides an easy way to track your work outs.

8. Coupons — Gives you quick access to online coupons.

9. Wooopie cushion — Great for messing with your girlfriend or wife. ;)

10. Notes — Allows you to jot down notes on your phone.

11. First aid — Gives you access to first aid resources on your phone.

12. Gigstar — Notifies you when your favorite bands are performing.

There are dozens of other awesome applications available in the Google market, and I would love to get your thoughts on cool applications that aren’t listed above.

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  1. I haven’t tried Notes or News but I can really recommend Newsrob for rss(it syncs with google reader) and colornote for note taking.

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