My take on Android vs. iPhone

After months and months of research, I finally broke down a few weeks ago and purchased a smart phone. When I first decided to replace my aging Motorola RAZR, I wanted something that didn’t cost a fortune and provided a basic ‘net experience when i was away from my Mac. After playing around with a number of phones, I narrowed my choices down to the Apple iPhone, the Motorola DROID and the Sprint EVO. I went back and forth for weeks, but decided to purchase a Sprint EVO for a couple of reasons:

1. Sprint has the most cost effective plans IMHO. I’m currently paying around $60/mo for unlimited texts, unlimited data and unlimited calls to mobile phones. Comparable iPhone plans would have run me well over $100/mo.

2. The Android, like the iPhone has numerous awesome applications in the application market.

3. Sprint has 4G coverage where I live, and I’m currently getting over 10MB/s of throughput. Nice!

4. I’m not too keen on having to visit Apple when I want to replace my battery.

5. The Sprint EVO allows you to swap out microsd cards at will. This is awesome since microsd card capacities will grow over time.

So far I have been extremely happy with my purchase, though all of the complaints about EVO battery life are spot on (mine lasts for 4 hours with continuous use). I have to keep a charger at home, one in my car and another at my desk. This is kinda annoying, but I’m hopeful Sprint will issue an update to address this limitation. Battery issues aside, you really can’t go wrong with the Sprint EVO. Great phone!

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  1. Greetings,

    I’ve been using my Sprint Evo since it came out, and have done several things that have greatly improved battery life.
    1. Rooted my phone, and installed setcpu ( and the netarchy-toastmod 4.1.7 custom kernel ( which allows for more rigorous underclocking (and overclocking to erk a bit more performance out at high loads.
    2. Installed JuicePlotter (app that characterizes battery use and accurately predicts battery life after a few days of use) and its companion JuiceDefender (app that greatly reduces battery usage by managing data and other services for you in the background, ex: I have it turn data on for only 1 minute for every 15 while the screen is off, it’s definitely added a good 4-8 hours to my battery. it’s completely seamless, as soon as you turn the screen on everything works as normal.
    Under moderate use, I can easily make it through the day now with about 1/4 of a charge left.

    And if you don’t mind adding a bit of additional heft to your phone… There is always the Seidio Innocell 3500 mAh Extended Life Battery, which the reviews are saying can almost double battery life.

    Keep up the good work with the blog!



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