Using a low cost HDTV antenna to gain access to lots of free over the air digital TV channels

I talked previously about how I saved a bunch of money by ditching cable. When I first disconnected my cable, my HDTV’s built-in scanner was only able to pick up two two stations. While this was better than nothing, I figured given the size of our city there had to be more content available. So I started doing some research, and came across the Leaf Indoor HDTV antenna. The reviews were pretty solid, and a number of people claimed that they went from no channels to dozens of channels. I had to give this a try for myself.

My order from Amazon arrived within a week. The antenna is paper thin, and one side of the antenna is white and the other is black. This allows you to blend in the antenna if you mount it to a white wall, or attach it to the back of a black TV (why are all TVs black?). The Leaf comes with a coax connecter that you can plug into your TV. Once I mounted my Leaf (connector down) and attached it to my TV, I was blown away when the scan picked up over two dozen stations. See for yourself:

Scan Results

I was blown away, and the quality of the HDTV content is exceptional. Gotta love some free tv!

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