My Top Ten technology books of all time

I was having lunch with a friend last week and we caught up on tons of stuff. Both of us are doing a lot of work with VMWare, storage, Linux and interestingly enough we are both trying to learn about Windows Server 2008. As we were chatting my buddy asked me what I thought the best ten technology books of all time were. I immediately said the entire Richard Stevens collection, but then started to think which other books have had the biggest impact on my career. After a few days of thought I think I came up with my top ten:

  1. The C Programming Language

  2. Advanced Programming In The UNIX Environment

  3. UNIX Network Programming

  4. TCP/IP Illustrated Volume I

  5. UNIX Internals

  6. Solaris Internals

  7. Panic! UNIX System Crash Dump Anlysis Handbook

  8. UNIX File Systems

  9. UNIX Power Tools

  10. Self Service Linux

This was a hard list to come up with, but each of these books has had a profound impact on my love of UNIX and technology in general. Given the recent passing of the creator of UNIX Dennis Ritchie, I thought it only fitting that K&R would be placed on the top of my list. Pointers drove me nuts until I finally understood them, but the beauty and elegance of C still amazes me to this day. Which books have touched you the most?

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