A walk down DOS memory lane

This past weekend I started cleaning out a ton of old stuff. Like most geeks, I hate to get rid of things that may one day be useful. While reviewing the contents of one of my tech tubs, I came across some nostalgic DOS software and books from the early 90s. The first item was a stack of old software, which included Turbo Pascal, Turbo Assembler, Turbo C++, System Commander and DOS 6.22 on 1.44” floppy disks:


I also uncovered my good old DOS beyond 640K book:


Ahhhhh – this led me down memory lane. DOS was the first OS I used, and was were I originally learned assembly language. I recall vividly the nights of staying up until 5am writing my first TSR program and debugging assembly code. Back in those days there was no google, only IRC and a debugger. :) Looking back on it, DOS and the Borland editors were a blast to use!

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