Implementing a home security alarm on the cheap

I currently live in an apartment, and was looking for a cheap and easy solution to sound off an alert if a door or window was opened. Most home security systems are really tailored for houses, and I wasn’t real found of paying $30 - $40 per month to monitor a relatively secure apartment. After reading a BUNCH of reviews, I came across theFirst Alert alarm sets. I have now been testing these out for a few weeks, and am extremely happy with them!. Here are the pros:

  1. First alert sets are dirt cheap (you can find used / new sets on eBay for next to nothing)
  2. They run on three LR44 batteries, which you can find dirt cheap on eBay
  3. Each device has an off switch, so you can enable / disable them with a flip of the switch

These devices are no replacement for a home security system, but rather a nice addition to them. If you are looking for a cheap way to get notified when a window or door is opened, you should check these out!

This article was posted by Matty on 2010-08-30 16:22:00 -0400 EDT