Checking for patch dependencies on Solaris 10 hosts

I’ve been debugging an odd issue with an 8 link (nxge interfaces) aggregation on a Solaris 10 host. When this issue rears its ugly head, one or more of the interfaces in the aggregation go offline. I’m still trying to track down if this is a Cisco or a Solaris issue, and have been patching the server to make sure all of the drivers are current. When I applied the latest aggr and nxge patches, I noticed that these patches required four additional patches:

Required Patches: 127127-11 137137-09 139555-08 141444-09 (or greater)

To see if these patches were applied, I fired up my old friend awk:

$ showrev -p | nawk '2 ~ /127127/ { print 2}'

$ showrev -p | nawk '2 ~ /137137/ { print 2}'

$ showrev -p | nawk '2 ~ /139555/ { print 2}'

$ showrev -p | nawk '2 ~ /141444/ { print 2}'

All of the patches I needed were indeed applied, so I was able to apply the nxge and aggr patches without issue. For those that are interested, I learned that standalone interface patches are not included with the latest patch bundle. Driver patches are only included in the patch bundle when they are rolled into a kernel update. This was news to me.

This article was posted by Matty on 2010-05-20 13:25:00 -0400 EDT