How to become a VMware certified professional (VCP4)

I passed the Vmware certified professional 4 (VCP4) exam this past Monday. The exam was a bit more difficult than I expected, though I passed it with flying colors. If you are thinking about taking the exam, or are interested in learning more about vSphere, you will definitely want to start out by reading Scott Lowe’s Mastering VMware vSphere book. Scott did an excellent job putting the book together, and it’s concise and easy to follow (I’m curious how Mike Laverick’s vSphere implementation book compares to Scott’s).

After you read through Scott’s book, you should check out Simon Long’s study notes! Simon has links from the VCP4 blueprint to every piece of documentation you will need to pass the test, and you will learn a ton in the process! Now, there will come a morning or afternoon when you need to wander to the testing center to sign your life away and take the exam. Get there 30 minutes early, and look over the vreference card! This card contains a TON of ESX material in a single location, and will ensure that all of the information you studied is fresh in your mind. Best of luck to anyone taking the exam!

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