Getting a daily status report from your Netbackup infrastructure

I support a couple of Netbackup environments, and like to keep tabs on what is going on with my media and master servers. There are a slew of reports available in the GUI and CLI interfaces, and these reports cover everything from Netbackup errors to tape reports to what is occurring with vault jobs. The two reports I find most useful are the jobs report and the errors report. These reports can be access through the bpdbjobs and bperror commands, and produce a nice summary of the jobs that ran and any errors that occurred. I use these so frequently that I run a script to e-mail me the output each morning:

Summary of jobs on nbmaster
Queued: 2
Waiting-to-Retry: 0
Active: 4
Successful: 479
Partially Successful: 4
Failed: 6
Incomplete: 0
Suspended: 0
Total: 495

11/29/2009 20:32:34 media1 client1 backup of client client1 exited with status 13 (file read failed)
11/29/2009 21:10:50 media1 client1 socket read failed: errno = 62 - Timer expired
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