Package not found support in Fedora 12

I’ve been a long time reader of arstechnica, and really dig their technology reviews. I just came across their Ars takes a first look under the hood of Fedora 12 article, and was stoked when I read the following:

“PackageKit, the package management framework, has also received some intriguing enhancements in Fedora 12. A new customization for the bash shell will detect when the user attempts to run a command from a package that is not installed and will offer to automatically install the package. This is not fully integrated yet, but users who want to test it can install the Packagekit-command-not-found package.”

I am rather stoked that the Fedora developers decided to implement this! Killer job arstechnica on the article, and my sincere thanks goes out to the Fedora developers for implementing this!

This article was posted by Matty on 2009-10-27 22:34:00 -0400 EDT