Updating Emulex boot code on Solaris hosts

I previously discussed updating Emulex adapter firmware, but didn’t touch on updating the adapter’s boot code. The boot code allows you to boot from a SAN device, and is a separate upgrade from the standard firmware. To upgrade the boot code, you can run the emlxadm download_boot command with the name of the boot code image:

emlxadm> **download_boot /export/home/matty/TB202A2.PRG**

Image Components: REL type size=50232
DWC file: BOOT: version=03812092, 2.02a2

Current: Boot: none
New: Boot: 2.02a2 50232 (0xc438) bytes

Are you sure you want to download this image? (y or n): y


Result: Operation successful.

emlxadm> **get_boot_rev**

Boot revision: LP10000DC 2.02a2

This post is a reference for myself, and I take ZERO responsibility for botched firmware updates. As with all information on this blog, use this information at your own risk (no warranties of any sort are provided).

This article was posted by Matty on 2009-05-03 12:07:00 -0400 EDT