Oracle needs to fix their certification requirements

I have been spending a good bit of my spare time studying for the Oracle RAC certification, and am hoping to get certified by the end of summer. Once thing that annoys me is the fact that you have to attend a vendor training class in order to get certified. This is kinda silly, and I have yet to find a test that I couldn’t pass by studying the product on my own (I have 14 certifications, all of which I got by studying vendor documentation). While I can understand that Oracle wants to make money off the certification process, they should be a bit more flexible and allow people to acquire certifications through self-study (I think you learn more when you study material on your own). Since I don’t have $3,500 to spend on the class, I may have to stop once I get my OCA next month. Bummer!

This article was posted by Matty on 2009-04-26 13:22:00 -0400 EDT