Updating Emulex firmware on Solaris hosts

I’ve written about the Emulex emlxadm utility in the past, and how it can be used to view and manage adapters. In addition to viewing stats and configuration data, you can also use emlxadm to view and update firmware. To view the current firmware version, you can type “get_fw_rev” into the emlxadm shell:

emlxadm> **get_fw_rev**

Firmware revision: LP10000DC 1.81a1

If the firmware needs to be updated, you can run download_fcode with the path to the firmware image:

emlxadm> **download_fcode

Image Components: NOP type
AWC file: KERN: version=ff801416, 1.40a6
DWC file: SLI2: version=07831991, 1.92a1
DWC prog: TEST: version=00f51051, 1.01a1
DWC prog: STUB: version=02881991, 1.92a1
DWC prog: SLI1: version=06831991, 1.92a1
DWC prog: SLI2: version=07831991, 1.92a1

Current: Fcode: none
New: Fcode: none 376064 (0x5bd00) bytes

Are you sure you want to download this image? (y or n): y


Result: Operation successful.

*NOTE: The new FCode version will not be activated until the host
is rebooted or a DR operation is performed on the adapter.

emlxadm> **get_fw_rev**

Firmware revision: LP10000DC 1.92a1

This post is a reference for myself, and I take ZERO responsibility for botched firmware updates. As with all information on this blog, use this information at your own risk (no warranties of any sort are provided).

This article was posted by Matty on 2009-04-23 00:13:00 -0400 EDT