dd-wrt is awesome!

My good friend and fellow blogging partner Mike Svoboda told me about dd-wrt a few weeks ago. Once Mike showed me what dd-wrt was capable of, I knew I needed to deploy it somewhere. I didn’t have a spare access point or router to test dd-wrt, so I decided to pick up a WRT54GL on NewEgg (I got mine for $25 off list price). As a long time OpenBSD and Soekris fan, I was very skeptical that dd-wrt would be able to stack up to what I currently had running (Soekris net4501+OpenBSD+PF) at home.

To get dd-wrt working, I used the installation guide provided on the dd-wrt wiki. Once the standard image was flashed and operational, I logged into the dd-wrt web interface and configured the router to meet my needs. Not only was I amazed with the breadth of features that are available in dd-wrt, but I was totally amazed at the monitoring capabilities that are available out of the box. Here is a screenshot from the bandwidth monitoring tab:

dd-wrt performance

dd-wrt has everything I need and more, and I have now completely replaced by OpenBSD router. Here are my favorite dd-wrt features sorted in a top ten list:

​1. Super stable (it runs a Linux kernel, which is an added bonus)!

​2. Lots of performance graphs and statistics.

​3. Support for wireless A/B/G/N + wired Ethernet.

​4. Incredible support through the forums (I have yet to use this, but the replies I’ve seen are killer).

​5. Built-in support for various wireless security protocols (WPA, WPA2, 802.1X, etc.).

​6. Functional DHCP server.

​7. NAT and QOS support.

​8. Built in DNS caching.

​9. Bridging and VLAN support.

​10. ipkg, which allows you to add numerous 3rd party packages (samba, upnp servers, etc.) to the router.

This is only a subset of what dd-rt can do, and I can’t speak highly enough of the product! Mike rocks for recommending this, and I am stoked that I have such a reliable device acting as my access point / Internet router (my previous APs were rather flakey, so hopefully you can see why I am so excited about having a stable device routing packets from my wireless and wired host to the Internet).

This article was posted by Matty on 2009-03-24 01:13:00 -0400 EDT