Figuring out which package a Solaris utility belongs to

While reading through some old notes this weekend, I came across a page I created eons ago about managing Solaris packages. If you want to find out the file modes, the user and group ownership and the package a file belongs to, you can run the pkgchk utility with the “-l” and “-p” options and the name of a file to check:

$ pkgchk -l -p /usr/sfw/bin/snmpget

Pathname: /usr/sfw/bin/snmpget
Type: regular file
Expected mode: 0755
Expected owner: root
Expected group: bin
Expected file size (bytes): 20372
Expected sum(1) of contents: 48443
Expected last modification: Sep 20 17:41:36 2007
Referenced by the following packages:
Current status: installed

Pkgchk is a nifty utility!

This article was posted by Matty on 2008-02-04 00:06:00 -0400 -0400