Getting orca working on Solaris hosts

I installed the SE Toolkit on several Solaris 10 hosts this week, and noticed that the se process was SEGFAULT’ing during startup:

$ /etc/rc3.d/S99orcallator start
Writing data into /opt/orca/nbm01/ Starting logging Sending output to nohup.out

$ tail -1 /var/adm/messages

Aug 10 23:09:27 nbm01 genunix: [ID 603404 kern.notice] NOTICE: core_log: se.sparcv9[17571] core dumped: /var/core/

After fileing a bug report on the SE Toolkit website, it dawned on me that the issue wasn’t with the se program, but with the script that accompanied the SE Toolkit. Based on a hunch, I installed the latest version of from the Orca website, and that fixed my issue (and provided a number of additional useful performance graphs!). Hopefully this will help others who bump into this issue.

This article was posted by Matty on 2007-08-11 08:59:00 -0400 EDT