Preparing for the Sun cluster 3.2 certification

I recently passed the Sun Certified System Administrator For Sun Cluster 3.2 exam, and thought I would share my thoughts on the exam in case others are interested in taking it. When I decided to take the exam, I had limited experience with Sun Cluster 3.X, and didn’t have money for a training course. To prepare for the certification exam, I first read the following documents cover to cover (I didn’t read the entire developer’s guide, just parts of it to better undertand how data services actually work):

Sun cluster 3.2 concepts guide

Sun cluster 3.2 system administration guide

Sun quorum server reference manual

Sun cluster 3.2 data service for Oracle guide

Sun cluster 3.2 data service for Oracle RAC guide

Sun cluster 3.2 data service developer’s guide

In addition to the documents listed above, it is also important to understand how Solaris Volume Manager and Veritas Volume Manager work in clustered environments. While I can’t go into test specifics due to the agreement I signed when I took the exam, you should fair pretty well if you read through the documents listed above, and understand each of the items listed in the Sun cluster certification objectives. I made sure I knew the objectives by creating a two column table and placing each objective in it’s own cell on the left side of the table, and then filling in the cell on the right side of the table as I came across information relating to the objective. I then used this information to cram the week of the exam, and now have it available as a reference. If you decide to take the exam, good luck!!! Let me know what you thought of it!!

This article was posted by Matty on 2007-06-26 17:06:00 -0400 EDT