Monitoring connections on OpenBSD hosts

I received a comment from a reader regarding the trafshow utility. Trafshow is definitely a cool piece of software, and I use it one some of my Linux hosts. On my OpenBSD systems, I have been using the pktstat utility, which provides connection statistics for all traffic on the system:

$ pktstat

interface: sis0 total: 13.8Mb (1m34s)
cur: 147.0k (72%) [115.5k 39.4k 14.5k] min: 94.4k max: 202.3k avg: 145.6k bps

bps % b desc
134.4k 66% 12.9M tcp <->
105.6 0% 528.0 tcp <->
12.5k 6% 62.5k tcp <->
- 200 GET /index.html

Since trafshow contains numerous features that aren’t present in pktstat, I reckon I should upgrade my OpenBSD image to use trafshow. Thanks for the comment!

This article was posted by Matty on 2006-11-25 07:03:00 -0400 -0400