Making Solaris DHCP server IP addresses usable

While working through a few issues with our x86 jumpstart setup, I saw the following error messages when one of the clients was attempting to PXE boot:

429f62d0: Datagram received on network device: ge0(limited broadcast)
429f62d0: (01000D609C8888, currently marked as unusable.

To make the IP address usable again, I used the Solaris pntadm utility:

$ pntadm -M -f PERMANENT

The “-M” option instructs pntadm to modify the entry, and the “-f PERMANENT” option tells pntadm to make this entry permanent. The final option is the macro associated with the network which the IP address/client is assigned to. To verify the command worked, we can use pntadm’s “-P” (print) option:

$ pntadm -P

Client ID Flags Client IP Server IP Lease Expiration Macro Comment
01000D609C8888 01 Forever me

Once I adjusted the flags, everything started working. Jeah!

This article was posted by Matty on 2005-06-02 13:20:00 -0400 EDT