Regression testing Sun and Fujitsu hardware

When I get deploy new Fujitsu and Sun hardware, I always run VTS (Validation Test Suite) on the hardware platforma. VTS performs rigorous hardware testing, and usually finds faults in components that are faulty out of the box. The VTS commands are available in “/opt/SUNWvts/bin.”

The VTS tools rely on the RPC framework ( grumble ), so you need to make sure rpcbind is running prior to invoking the various utilities. To start the VTS GUI, you can execute the “sunvts” or “fjvts” utility:

$ sunvts &

To get a curses based display, you can pass the “-t” option to the “sunvts” or “fjvts” utility:

$ sunvts -t

Once the display appears, I usually navigate to “set_options” -> “Test_Execution” and enable the “Verbose” and “Run On Error” options. The “Run On Error” option allows the validation test suite to continue operating if it finds an error. The “Verbose” option causes a plethora of information to be printed to the console display. Once these items are enabled, you can hit “start,” and watch the test suite leep into action. I find it useful to tail(1) /var/adm/messages while VTS is running. This will allow you to see hardware error discovery as it happen.

This article was posted by Matty on 2005-02-22 23:33:00 -0400 -0400