Enabling hashicorp vault auto-completion

Hashicorp Vault has become one of my favorite technologies over the past year. Secrets management is a non-trivial undertaking, and I’m routinely blown away by how easy vault makes secrets management. One nifty thing I recently learned is vault has auto-completion, which you can enable with the “-autocomplete-install” option:

$ vault -autocomplete-install && source $HOME/.bashrc

Once enabled, you can type vault followed by a tab to see all of the available options:

$ vault <tab>

agent      delete     login      plugin     secrets    token
audit      kv         namespace  policy     server     unwrap
auth       lease      operator   print      ssh        write
debug      list       path-help  read       status

This also works for subcommands, so typing $(vault audit TAB) will display the options that can be passed to the audit sub-command. I’m a huge fan of auto-completion, and try to use it whenever I can to improve my efficieny.

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