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Disabling old wordpress comments

As with most individuals that manage a blog, I get inundated with comment spam. Based on some research I did, it looks like almost all of the blog spam occurs for older posts, especially those over 30 days old. Based on this information, I decided to disable comments for all old posts older than 30 […]

Speeding up wordpress

WordPress has become one of the most popular blogging engines on the Internet, and has numerous features that make blogging simple and easy. While there are numerous upsides to using wordpress, there is also one major drawback. WordPress generates each blog entry dynamically from a database, which can cause a considerable drain on computing resources. […]

Securely backing up a wordpress configuration to a remote location

I have been using wordpress as my blogging engine for quite some time. To ensure that I can recover my blog in the event of a disaster (a good example would be a server catching on fire), I take weekly backups of the MySQL database that stores my posts and the wordpress configuration.Since the wordpress […]

Upgrading wordpress

While reading through the wordpress dashboard this weekend, I noticed that several new security advisories were announced for the version of wordpress I was using. To mitigate potential security issues, I decided to upgrade to WordPress 2.0.2 and Spam Karma 2.2. The upgrade process was super simple, and I will describe it below. To begin […]

Avoiding BLOG spam

I installed Spam Karma 2 a few weeks back, and am amazed at how well it works! Not only has it captured every piece of SPAM posted to my BLOG, it automatically purges them so I don’t have to do anything myself (the “purging” feature is a configuration option). Thanks Dr. Dave!

WordPress themes

One of my favorite features in wordpress is theme support. Themes can be used to change the look and feel of a site, and are easily installed by extracting the theme in the ${BLOG_HOME}/wp-content/themes directory, and selecting the theme in the wordpress admin console. I am currently using the Back in Black theme, which has […]

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