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Free video tutorials for C, Java, PHP, HTML5, Python, MySQL and more …

I just came across the new boston video tutorial series. I’ve watched 20 of the PHP videos and am hooked. The production quality is great, and the content is really, really good! Once I finish the 200 PHP videos I plan to watch their MySQL and HTML5 videos. Can’t recommend these videos enough, and the […]

Website re-design gotchas, and how to avoid them!

I recently re-designed my main website, and learned quite a bit about CSS and XHTML in the process. I also learned that there are a number of things you should do before re-designing a site, and thought I would list them here for folks who are looking to change their site layout: 1. Validate your […]

Easily encoding documents prior to publishing them to the web

While reviewing the command lines on commandlinefu, I came across this nifty little gem: $ perl -MHTML::Entities -ne ‘print encode_entities($_)’ FILETOENCODE This command line snippet takes a file as an argument, and escapes all of the characters that can’t be directly published on the web (i.e., it will convert a right bracket to & gt). […]

Cleaning up HTML files with tidy

I have read a number of documents on correctly using CSS and XHTML over the past month, and have learned about a number of common mistakes people make when creating content that uses these technologies. Most of the articles discussed ways to structure web content to avoid these pitfalls, which got me wondering if anyone […]