Generating Netbackup throughput data reports

If you support Netbackup at your site, I’m sure you’ve had to look into issues with slow clients and failed backups. The nbstatus script I mentioned in a previous post is useful for identifying connection problems, but it doesn’t help you understand how well your clients are performing. To help me understand how much data my clients are pushing, I wrote the nbthroughput shell script:

$ nbthroughput

Top 5 hosts by data written

Policy                Schedule              Storage Unit     Bytes       Bytes/s
--------------------  --------------------  ---------------  ----------  -------
ZeusFileSystem        Full-Quarterly        med01-hcart3-    9199683296  39376  
VMWareMBackups        Full-Weekly           med01-hcart3-    1756762304  84219  
VMWareBackups         Cumulative-Increment  med01-hcart3-    1035153514  34155  
VMWareBackups         Cumulative-Increment  med01-hcart3-    879121280   68009  
ApolloFileSystem      Full-Weekly           med01-disk       771900576   19919  

Fastest 5 clients (processed 10MB+)

Policy                Schedule              Storage Unit     Bytes       Bytes/s
--------------------  --------------------  ---------------  ----------  -------
Oracle01FileSystem    Differential-Increme  med01-hcart3-    3609248     128365 
App01FileSystem       Differential-Increme  med01-hcart3-    3569984     128250 
Web01FileSystem       Differential-Increme  med01-hcart3-    3550592     126423 
VMWareBackups         Cumulative-Increment  med01-disk       335576832   100559
ZeusFileSystem        Default-Application-  med01-disk       104857632   93847

Slowest 5 clients (processed 10MB+)

Policy                Schedule              Storage Unit     Bytes       Bytes/s
--------------------  --------------------  ---------------  ----------  -------
W2k3-1FileSystem      Differential-Increme  med01-disk       1298912     333 
W2k3-2FileSystem      Differential-Increme  med01-disk       1482752     2000 
W2k3-3FileSystem      Differential-Increme  med01-disk       1095936     2083 
W2k3-4FileSystem      Differential-Increme  med01-disk       4114880     2425 
W2k3-5FileSystem      Differential-Increme  med01-disk       3496576     2483 

The script will display the fastest clients, the slowest clients, and how much data your clients are pushing to your media servers. I find it useful, so I thought I would post it here for others to use.

Getting a daily status report from your Netbackup infrastructure

I support a couple of Netbackup environments, and like to keep tabs on what is going on with my media and master servers. There are a slew of reports available in the GUI and CLI interfaces, and these reports cover everything from Netbackup errors to tape reports to what is occurring with vault jobs. The two reports I find most useful are the jobs report and the errors report. These reports can be access through the bpdbjobs and bperror commands, and produce a nice summary of the jobs that ran and any errors that occurred. I use these so frequently that I run a script to e-mail me the output each morning:

Summary of jobs on nbmaster
Queued:                           2
Waiting-to-Retry:                 0
Active:                           4
Successful:                     479
Partially Successful:             4
Failed:                           6
Incomplete:                       0
Suspended:                        0
Total:                          495

    TIME            SERVER/CLIENT                      TEXT
11/29/2009 20:32:34 media1 client1  backup of client client1 exited with status 13 (file read failed)
11/29/2009 21:10:50 media1 client1  socket read failed: errno = 62 - Timer expired

Viewing tape devices on Solaris hosts

I have been repairing our backup environment for the past few weeks, and have encountered several nifty tools in the Netbackup volumen management bin directory. Once of these tools is the scan utility, which displays the robots and tape devices visible to a system:

$ /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/scan |more

*********************** SDT_TAPE    ************************
*********************** SDT_CHANGER ************************
*********************** SDT_OPTICAL ************************
Device Name  : "/dev/rmt/0cbn"
Passthru Name: "/dev/sg/c0tw500104f0005f027cl0"
Volume Header: ""
Port: -1; Bus: -1; Target: -1; LUN: -1
Inquiry    : "STK     T9940B          1.35"
Vendor ID  : "STK     "
Product ID : "T9940B          "
Product Rev: "1.35"
Serial Number: "479000037011"
WWN          : ""
WWN Id Type  : 0
Device Identifier: ""
Device Type    : SDT_TAPE
NetBackup Drive Type: 10
Removable      : Yes
Device Supports: SCSI-3
Flags : 0x4
Reason: 0x0


This utility is extremely useful for getting the device paths for a specific tape device, and for viewing the information returned from a SCSI INQUIRY command. Viva la scan!