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Generating Netbackup throughput data reports

If you support Netbackup at your site, I’m sure you’ve had to look into issues with slow clients and failed backups. The nbstatus script I mentioned in a previous post is useful for identifying connection problems, but it doesn’t help you understand how well your clients are performing. To help me understand how much data […]

Getting a daily status report from your Netbackup infrastructure

I support a couple of Netbackup environments, and like to keep tabs on what is going on with my media and master servers. There are a slew of reports available in the GUI and CLI interfaces, and these reports cover everything from Netbackup errors to tape reports to what is occurring with vault jobs. The […]

Viewing tape devices on Solaris hosts

I have been repairing our backup environment for the past few weeks, and have encountered several nifty tools in the Netbackup volumen management bin directory. Once of these tools is the scan utility, which displays the robots and tape devices visible to a system: $ /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/scan |more ************************************************************ *********************** SDT_TAPE ************************ *********************** SDT_CHANGER ************************ *********************** […]