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How to expand you technical book library on the cheap

I recently got the opportunity to start supporting a number of AIX systems, and being an AIX newbie the first thing I did was ask myself how can I learn everything there is to know about AIX (more to come on this topic tomorrow)? Being a readaholic, I decided to wander over to Amazon to […]

Remounting Linux read-only file systems read-write

I’ve been paged countless times to investigate systems that have gone off the air for one reason or another. Typically when look into these issues the server has crashed unexpectedly (bug, hardware, etc.) and rebooted in an attempt to get a fresh start on life. On occassion the box won’t boot due to a misconfiguration […]

Update on my quest to find the perfect NAS device for home use

A few months back I started looking into NAS solutions that would be ideal for home use. I jotted down my initial research in the post building your own nas and the post making sense of the various nas solutions. My original intent was to purchase an HP microserver from Amazon and test out all […]

Would you be interested in RFC cliff notes?

I’ve been toying with the idea of reading one RFC a week and developing cliff notes so I can remember everything I read down the road. While I can always recall WHERE I read something, sometimes I need to go out and read the section in the RFC a second time to verify the details. […]

Undeleting a file that resides on a Linux EXT3 or EXT4 file system

I have on a couple of occasions been asked to restore files that were deleted. I’ve been fortunate up to this point that I have always been able to get the deleted file back, either through file system manipulation, dd’ing of a device or by restoring the file from a previous back up. One thing […]

Come one come all for cheap technical books! Book sale!

I did some spring cleaning this weekend, and have a bunch of technical books I would like to sell. Each book listed below can be had for $5, or three books for $10. I’m planning to ship with flat rate shipping, and will charge just the amount the USPS needs to get the book to […]

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