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Sun dropping support for the ROCK processor?

I just came across a link from OSNews about Sun dropping development on the ROCK processor. At first I was a bit surprised by this, given the ROCK feature set Sun had been touting for several years. But in practice, this decision doesn’t surprise me for a few reasons: 1. By the time the ROCK […]

Jonathan Schwartz’s update on the recent NetApp patent litigation

I just read Jonathan Schwartz’s update on the Netapp patent litigation. I used to be a huge fan of Network Appliance, and recommended them whenever I got the chance. When I read Dave Hitz’s blog post about NetApp suing Sun for their ZFS implementation, my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe NetApp would file litigation against […]

Configuring hardware event notifications on X2200 servers

We live in a world where hardware breaks, and when it does, most adminsitrators want to get notified that something failed, and the specific component that failed. The Sun galaxy server line contains built-in hardware monitoring, and allows hardware events to be sent to administrators through SNMP, email and SYSLOG. The hardware notification facility in […]