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New zone features in Solaris 10 update 9

I just finished reading through Frank Batschulat’s slide deck of new zone features in Solaris 10 update 9. The new update on attach enhancements look extremely useful, and I have a few systems I will have to try to p2v using the tools that now ship with Solaris. If you are using zones, you should […]

Adding a file system to a running zone

I needed to add a second file system to one of my Solaris 10 zones this morning, and needed to do so without rebooting the zone. Since the global zone uses loopback mounts to present file systems to zones, adding a new file system was as easy as loopback mounting the file system into the […]

Patching zones when they are attached to hosts

I recently patched one of my Solaris 10 hosts, and decided to test out the zone update on attach functionality that is now part of Solaris 10 update 6. The update on attach feature allows detached zones to get patched when they are attached to a host, which can be rather handy if you are […]

Patching zones in parallel

While catching up on some of my favorite blogs, I came across a post pertaining to parallel zone patching by Jeff Victor. In his write up, Jeff discussed a couple of methods for decreasing the time it takes to patch a host with one more more zones. Of the methods listed, the “Zones Parallel patch” […]

Changing the zone path of a pre-existing zone

So, the hostname of one of our zones changed, and we create ZFS file systems for the zones using <path>/<zonename> Easy enough of a fix… root@db@blah-global:~#zoneadm list -cv ID NAME             STATUS     PATH                           BRAND    IP 0 global           running    /                              native   shared 1 blah         running    /local2/data/zones/blah    native   shared 5 blah1          running    /local/data/zones/blah1      native   […]

Configurable zone hostids

I just saw that the zone team added support for customized hostids for zones: PSARC/2008/647 Configurable Hostids for Non-Global Zones 6580939 RFE: provide unique hostid for each non-global zone This will be a super useful feature!

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