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Solaris Xen support

Today is a huge day for the opensolaris community! Xen is now officially part of Nevada, and should be available in SXCE build #75 (prior to this putback, Xen was available as a separate set of BFU archives)! The putback occurred this afternoon, and I can’t wait to start playing with this!!! A huge congratulations […]

Opensolaris now supports Xen Dom0

If you’ve been following the Xen movement, you might be interested in Sun’s announcement that Solaris can now operate as Dom0 (the controlling domain). To celebrate the availability of Dom0 support, the Solaris Xen community has written several in-depth technical posts: Migrating Xen domains to new servers Saving and restoring a DomU Detailed description of […]

Xen article

While surfing for material on virtualization, I came across the following Dell Xen whitepaper. The article provides an introduction to server virtualization concepts, and is a good read if you are looking for an introduction to virtualization and Xen.