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Expanding Solaris metadevices

I recently had a file system on a Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) metadevice fill up, and I needed to expand it to make room for some additional data. Since the expansion could potentially cause problems, I backed up the file system, and saved a copy of the metastat and df output to my local workstation. […]

Solaris Volume Manager vanity names

I’ve been a Solaris Volume Manager (formerly disksuite) user for the past 6-years, and have always been annoyed that I had to use dXXX and hspXXX to label mirrors, stripes, sub-devices and hot spares. As of Nevada build 37, you are no longer required to use dXXX and hspXXX, and are free to choose a […]

Bizarre SVM Issue

I had a disk drive fail in one of my machines this week, and used the typical drive replacement procedure (cfgadm / metadevadm / devfsadm) to replace the physical disk. Once the drive was replaced, I attempted to run metareplace to re-synchronize the two sub-mirrors: $ metareplace -e d0 c0t1d0s0 d0: device c0t1d0s0 is enabled […]

Accessing metadevices in single user mode

While perusing Sunsolve today, I came across an infodoc that described how to access metadevices in single user mode. I have never needed to perform this operation, but was happy to learn for future reference! :)

Updating SVM/Disksuite device relocation information

While booting my Solaris 10 box today, I noticed the following error in /var/adm/messages: Jul 23 11:15:53 tigger metadevadm: [ID 209699 daemon.error] Invalid device relocation information detected in Solaris Volume Manager Jul 23 11:15:53 tigger metadevadm: [ID 912841 daemon.error] Please check the status of the following disk(s): Jul 23 11:15:53 tigger metadevadm: [ID 702911 daemon.error] […]

Manually synchronizing Solaris meta devices

While performing routine maintenance today, I discovered that one of my hot spare drives kicked in to replace a faulted disk drive. Since the synchronization process had recently started, I decided to shutdown the box to replace the faulted drive. Once I booted the box back up, I noticed that the synchronization process didn’t start […]

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