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Using sharemgr to manage NFS file systems on OpenSolaris hosts

I’ve supported Solaris NFS servers for as long as I can remember. The typical drill I follow to get a server up and running is: 1. Work with a developer / app support to determine how much space is needed. 2. Provision space on the server. 3. Enabled the NFS server processes. 4. Edit the […]

Stopping nfsmapid from querying DNS TXT records

With the introduction of NFSv4, user and group identifiers were changed to use the username@domain format. On Solaris hosts, the domain is determined using the following methods: 1. The NFSMAPID_DOMAIN variable is checked in /etc/default/nfs 2. DNS is queried for the _nfsv4idmapdomain TXT record 3. The configured DNS domain is used 4. The file /etc/defaultdomain […]

NFSv3 guarded writes

While debugging another NFSv3 problem this week, I came across a create procedure with the “GUARDED” flag set: $ snoop -d hme0 host netapp1 yappy -> netapp1 NFS C CREATE3 FH=C5D2 (GUARDED) file.dat netapp1 -> yappy NFS R CREATE3 OK FH=E700 This was the first time I have reviewed an NFSv3 packet capture with the […]

Asynchronous writes in NFSv3

While debugging an interesting NFSv3 problem last week, I came across the following information in one of my snoop captures: $ snoop -d hme0 host netapp1 yappy -> netapp1 NFS C WRITE3 FH=94EC at 0 for 824 (ASYNC) netapp1 -> yappy NFS R WRITE3 OK 824 (FSYNC) yappy -> nfsfly1 NFS C WRITE3 FH=30D9 at […]