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Configuring a caching only DNS server on Solaris hosts

While investigating a performance issue a few weeks back, I noticed that a couple of our Solaris hosts were sending 10s of thousands of DNS requests to our authoritative DNS servers. Since the application was broken and unable to cache DNS records, I decided to configure a local caching only DNS server to reduce load […]

Configuring an OpenSolaris host to use a static IP address

I installed OpenSolaris 2009.06 yesterday, and noticed that the installer doesn’t give you the option to configure a static IP address. Network address are retrieved via DHCP, which isn’t an option for this host. To configure the host to use a static IP address, I changed the /etc/nwam/llp file. Here is the file before: $ […]

Monitoring traffic across a Solaris 802.3ad link aggregation

I manage a number of Solaris hosts that push a fair amount of data each day. These servers utilize Solaris 802.3ad link aggregations, which contain anywhere from 4 to 8 physical NICs. Monitoring the bandwidth across the links in an aggregation is a snap with Solaris, since most of the dladm subcommands support the “-s” […]

Measuring TCP and UDP throughput between Linux and Solaris hosts

I have been assisting a friend with tuning his Netbackup installation. While debugging the source of his issues, I noticed that several jobs were reporting low throughput numbers. In each case the client was backing up a number of large files, which should have been streamed at gigabit Ethernet speeds. To see how much bandwidth […]

How does crossbow deal with MAC address conflicts?

When I gave my presentation on Solaris network virtualization a few months back, one of the folks in the audience asked me how Crossbow deals with duplicate MAC detection. I didn’t have a solid answer for the gentlemen that asked, but thanks to Nicolas Droux from Solaris kernel engineering, now I do. Here is what […]

Updating inetd service manifests on Solaris hosts

I configured a jumpstart server this weekend in my home lab, and needed to enable tftp to allow clients to fetch pxegrub and the Solaris kernel. To enable the tftp service, I uncommented the tftp service in /etc/inetd.conf and ran inetconv. It later dawned on me that I needed to update the directory tftp serves […]

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