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All good things (opensolaris) must come to an end

This past weekend I unsubscribed from my last opensolaris mailing list. While reflecting on where technology is heading, I had to take a few minutes to reflect on where things were just a few years back. I remember vividly the day that the website came online. After the announcement came out, I spent 24 […]

Keeping up to date with opensolaris developments

If you are like me, you like to keep up with the latest Solaris happenings. For the latest putbacks into opensolaris, you can check out the genunix putback page: Genunix putback log To keep up with new ARC case submissions, you can keep an eye on the PSARC page: PSARC page If you would prefer […]

A completely (local) diskless datacenter with iSCSI

Being able to boot a machine from SAN isn’t exactly a new concept.  Instead of having local hard drives in thousands of machines, each machine logs into the fabric and boots the O/S from a LUN exported via fiber on the SAN.  This requires a little bit of configuration on the Fiber HBA, but it […]

OpenSolaris IPS repository offerings growing

I’m really glad to see the OpenSolaris IPS repositories growing with the amount of available packages.  Large network repositories of thousands of software packages make Fedora and Ubuntu the great, easy to use Linux distributions that they are.  Extending the amount of packages available to OpenSolaris just builds upon this usability! A graph explaining the […]

Sun tech days recap

This week I was fortunate to attend Sun tech days. I had a great time attending the technical sessions, and discussing a wide variety of technology topics with other admins and Java developers. Some of the highlights from tech days included a 4-hour training session on web 2.0 technologies (AJAX, REST, CSS, MAKI, etc.), a […]

Jumpstarting VMWare fusion clients

I updated my jumpstart server last weekend, and wanted to test out the new bits I added. All of the systems I use for testing were tied up, so I decided to jumpstart a VMWare fusion client. By default, VMWare fusion will create and present an Intel pro series adapter to the guest. There appears […]

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