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Numerous updates to the SSL certificate expiration program

With the help of various contributors, I’ve integrated some new features and a number of bug fixes to ssl-cert-check over the past couple of months. If you aren’t familiar with this tool, it’s a bash script that you can use to notify you prior to your certificates expiring. You can read more about the script […]

Updated version of content-check

After finishing the first version of content-check, I thought about a few additional features I wanted to add. One feature was the ability to include arbitrary HTTP headers in requests, and a second feature was the ability to selectively generate email, syslog entries or logfiles entries per site. After pondering the best way to add […]

Measuring website latency with http_ping

A year or so ago, I modified my script to create a script ( that would measure the time it took to retrieve a specific URI from a web server. While scouring the OpenBSD ports collection for website monitoring tools, I came across http_ping. This is a great tool for measuring the time it […]

New version of ssl-cert-check

I received a nifty patch from Ken Gallo to allow ssl-cert-check to report when certificates stored in a PKCS#12 database will expire. This is super useful, especially if you are managing iPlanet/SunONE/Netscape products. If you haven’t used ssl-cert-check before, it’s a bourne shell script that can be used to alert you prior to a certificate […]

Opensource rocks!

I received two more awesome patches for ssl-cert-check. Ken Gallo sent me a patch to allow ssl-cert-check to process certificates stored in PKCS#12 databases, and I am hoping to integrate his changes this upcoming weekend. Quanah Gibson-Mount sent me a patch that adds nagios support to ssl-cert-check, and also adjusts the default binary locations to […]

New version of ssl-cert-check

I got a couple of patches for ssl-cert-check, and released version 3.4 to my website. The patches address a couple of annoying bugs, and I changed the global binary paths to to work by default on Solaris, BSD and Solaris systems. If you haven’t used ssl-cert-check before, you can check out my article Proactively handling […]

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