My favorite android applications

I mentioned previously that I picked up an Android phone a few weeks back. As typical geek, I have been on a quest to outfit my phone with some killer applications, and to make my phone use a truly awesome experience. I’ve tested dozens and dozens of applications, and thought I would share my favourites here:

1. News — Basic RSS reader that works.

2. Pandora — Plays music based on your musical prefernces.

3. Google sky — Provides a picture of the sky and displays the star and planet names.

4. Zillow — Shows you real estate listings based on your GPS location.

5. Youtube — Watch youtube movies with a touch of your finger.

6. FM radio — Listen to FM radio stations.

7. Cardiotracker — Provides an easy way to track your work outs.

8. Coupons — Gives you quick access to online coupons.

9. Wooopie cushion — Great for messing with your girlfriend or wife. ;)

10. Notes — Allows you to jot down notes on your phone.

11. First aid — Gives you access to first aid resources on your phone.

12. Gigstar — Notifies you when your favorite bands are performing.

There are dozens of other awesome applications available in the Google market, and I would love to get your thoughts on cool applications that aren’t listed above.

My take on Android vs. iPhone

After months and months of research, I finally broke down a few weeks ago and purchased a smart phone. When I first decided to replace my aging Motorola RAZR, I wanted something that didn’t cost a fortune and provided a basic ‘net experience when i was away from my Mac. After playing around with a number of phones, I narrowed my choices down to the Apple iPhone, the Motorola DROID and the Sprint EVO. I went back and forth for weeks, but decided to purchase a Sprint EVO for a couple of reasons:

1. Sprint has the most cost effective plans IMHO. I’m currently paying around $60/mo for unlimited texts, unlimited data and unlimited calls to mobile phones. Comparable iPhone plans would have run me well over $100/mo.

2. The Android, like the iPhone has numerous awesome applications in the application market.

3. Sprint has 4G coverage where I live, and I’m currently getting over 10MB/s of throughput. Nice!

4. I’m not too keen on having to visit Apple when I want to replace my battery.

5. The Sprint EVO allows you to swap out microsd cards at will. This is awesome since microsd card capacities will grow over time.

So far I have been extremely happy with my purchase, though all of the complaints about EVO battery life are spot on (mine lasts for 4 hours with continuous use). I have to keep a charger at home, one in my car and another at my desk. This is kinda annoying, but I’m hopeful Sprint will issue an update to address this limitation. Battery issues aside, you really can’t go wrong with the Sprint EVO. Great phone!