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How I saved $80 a month on my cable and Internet bill

I was reviewing my cable bill last month and was floored that I was spending $120 a month for a DVR, cable and Internet access. This blew my mind, and I set out on a quest to lower my bill without losing access to quality content (I like to watch educational shows and documentaries). I […]

Locating good hosting providers

I have been trying to locate a high quality hosting provider now for 3-months, and my first two attempts have failed miserably. Dreamhost had cool features and great support, but their infrastructure was not very realiable. 1and1 also had some useful features, but their support was horrible (I was getting 500 internal server error messages […]

Switching hosting providers again

I have had nothing but problems with 1and1 as a shared hosting provider, so I decided to switch providers yet again. Hopefully the third time is the charm, and my new provider (Pair Networks) will be more reliable! Let me know if you experience any issues!

Switching hosting providers again

After experiencing several outages with dreamhost, I decided to move to 1and1. Several folks I know use 1and1 for hosting, and I have heard numerous good things about the company. If anyone notices anything bizarre with, please shoot me an email or leave a comment.

Dreamhost outage

I had my first extended downtime with Dreamhost today. According to my cron job that runs content-check every minute, my site was down for close to 30 minutes. I hope this is an isolated event, and plan to evaluate other providers in case I need to move my domain again. If anyone has recommendations on […]

Switching hosting providers

While chatting with one of my friends a few months back, the subject of hosting providers came up. My friend has been hosting content with Dreamhost for quite some time now, and he has been extremely happy with their service. After reviewing their service plans, I decided to give them a try, and is […]

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