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The state of OpenSolaris

Matty and I haven’t really spoken much about the current state of the OpenSolaris project. Oracle has been pretty tight with releasing any type of information about their plans / directions in which they will be taking Solaris / OpenSolaris. Its caused a lot fusteration. The OpenSolaris Governing Board threw down the gauntlet and has […]

Oracle needs to fix their certification requirements

I have been spending a good bit of my spare time studying for the Oracle RAC certification, and am hoping to get certified by the end of summer. Once thing that annoys me is the fact that you have to attend a vendor training class in order to get certified. This is kinda silly, and […]

Best I/O scheduler to use with virtualized Linux hosts

While reading through the Redhat Oracle 10G best practices document, I came across this gem: “In virtualized environments, it is often detrimental to schedule I/O at both the host and guest layers. If multiple guests access storage on a file system or block devices managed by the host operating system, the host may be able […]