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Install OpenBSD packages to alternate directories

I run OpenBSD on a few Soekris 4801s. To get an image “prepped” for the Soekris, I use the directions on the Installing OpenBSD on Flash website. Periodically I need to apply patches to the images, which requires me to adjust the “make install” process to install the package to an alternative location. To apply […]


The OpenBSD ports tree comes with 1000s of packages in source form, and allows each port to be compiled and installed by executing “make install” in the application port directory (e.g., /usr/ports/net/mtr ) . Since individual ports can be built different ways, OpenBSD provides different “FLAVORS” to control the package build process. To view the […]

Searching the OpenBSD ports tree

The OpenBSD ports collection comes with 1000s of software packages, and is organized as a hierarchical directory structure. Locating specific ports can sometimes be tricky, especially when the port name doesn’t contain a descriptive name. To deal with these situations, the global Makefile supports a serach keyword: $ cd /usr/ports $ make search key=”debug” 2>&1 […]