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A great presentation on IPv6

I was fortunate enough to attend Michael Warfield’s talk on DNS security this past Monday. If you don’t know Mike, he is a crazy smart dude who gives spectacular presentations. Can’t recommend him enough! Mike has been at the forefront of the IPv6 movement, and has given a number of IPv6 presentations in the past […]

Getting notified when new hosts appear on your network

I had to debug an interesting network problem a few weeks back, and wanted to see when new hosts appeared on my network. While debugging the issue, I needed to find a way to get notified when a new host appeared (I didn’t want to sit at a terminal reviewing the output from snoop and […]

dd-wrt is awesome!

My good friend and fellow blogging partner Mike Svoboda told me about dd-wrt a few weeks ago. Once Mike showed me what dd-wrt was capable of, I knew I needed to deploy it somewhere. I didn’t have a spare access point or router to test dd-wrt, so I decided to pick up a WRT54GL on […]

NAT Variations

Network Address translation (NAT) has become an essential part of the Internet, and is one of the reasons we still have IPv4 address space available. All NAT devices are not created equal though, and several NAT variations are prevalent (per RFC 3489): Full Cone: A full cone NAT is one where all requests from the […]