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Using Net-SNMP to monitor processes and execute Perl scripts by hitting a MIB

One really cool feature about net-snmp is that it can monitor processes on a system. If snmpd notices that a process is no longer running, you can specify a script to be executed which can correct the problem. Lets take a look at some examples found here # At least one web server process must […]

Net-snmp should now work in an opensolaris non-global zone

While debugging a net-snmp issue a while back, I came across the following error: error on subcontainer ‘interface container’ insert (-1) These errors are caused by opensolaris bug #6640675, which causes all interfaces to be assigned an index value of 0 (this leads net-snmp to think there are duplicate interfaces). The fix was just integrated […]

Net-snmp returns zeros for various UDP and TCP mibII data

While testing out the latest net-snmp bits, I noticed that various TCP and UDP mibII OIDs would continuosly display zeros on my Solaris 10 update 6 host: $ snmpwalk -c … -v 2c localhost udpInDatagrams.0 UDP-MIB::udpInDatagrams.0 = Counter32: 0 # Generate lots of UDP traffic $ snmpwalk -c … -v 2c localhost udpInDatagrams.0 UDP-MIB::udpInDatagrams.0 = […]

Debugging net-snmp problems

I spent a fair amount of time debugging a bizarre net-snmp issue yesterday, and learned a TON about how net-snmp is implemented. While reading through the net-snmp code, I came across a number of macros similar to the following: DEBUGMSGTL((“mibII/udpScalar”, “Initialising UDP scalar group\n”)); The first argument to the DEBUGMSGCTL() macros contains a token name, […]