Concert review: Motley Crue

I am an old school fan of 80s metal rock, and when I heard Motley Crue was coming to town, I jumped at the bit to see them! The show started with an amusing video clip, and once it completed, the drapes rose and the band kicked in with Shout At The Devil. The crowd was pumped, the band was eager to jam, but after the fifth or sixth song I saw (I was 10-rows back) Vince fall and grab his leg. The band continued to play on as if nothing happened, but eventually the drapes came down, and they went to a 30 – 40 minute intermission.

Eventually the drapes went up, and Tommy, Mick and Nicki asked the crowd to be quiet. They informed everyone that Vince had hurt his leg and was on the way to the hospital. Tommy then discussed refund options, and told the crow that Motley Crue would re-schedule the show to a later date. He also offered Jager shots to the people in the first row, which got one last cheer from the crowd.

This series of events was a complete dissapointment, as I was hoping to hear Home Sweet Home, Wild Side, Kickstart My Heart, Girl Girls Girls, Primal Screen, Dr Feelgood and If I Die Tomorrow. While the concert experience sucked, I wish the best to Vince Neil! If anyone from Motley Crue happens to come across this blog entry, please come back to Atlanta! We love ya!!!!!!