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Concert review: The Led Zepplin Experience with Jason Bonham

There are some moments in music you will never forget. One that I recall vividly was the first time I heard Led Zepplin I, Led Zepplin II, Led Zepplin III and of course Led Zepplin IV. That summer became the summer of Zepplin, and I ended up destroying my Houses of the Holy cassette tape […]

Concert review: Guns N’ Roses with special guest Buckcherry

If you’ve seen any of the concert reviews I’ve done in the past you would know that music is one of the things I love. I try to see as many shows as possible, and am constantly mixing up my musical genres. One day you will catch me listening to Alice In Chains, the next […]

Concert Review: KISS

When I was growing up, the people around me were constantly exposing me to various forms of Rock & Roll. It seems like just yesterday I was driving to the store with my cousin, who put a KISS cassette in this stereo and told me give it a good listen. The music resinated with me, […]

Concert Review: AC/DC

It seems like just yesterday my best friend Dan told me about AC/DC, and put the Back in Black album in his CD player. I was floored by the music I was hearing, especially “Hells Bells”, “Givin The Dog A Bone” and my personal all time favorite AC/DC tune, “Back In Black.” Well, I was […]

Concert review: Drivin’ N Cryin’

Last year I did a number of concert reviews, but not nearly as many as I would have liked to. This year I plan to review 2 – 4 shows per month, and the acts will range from small local bands to large national headliners. I am also hoping to get peoples feedback from the […]

Concert review: Cowboy Mouth

I have been a long time Cowboy Mouth fan, and still remember the first time I saw them play a concert in Delaware. They had an incredible amount of energy, and where one of the few bands I had seen that wanted the crowd involved in every aspect of the show. When I heard they […]

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