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Sending alerts to your Linux desktop when things go wrong

I run gnome on my work desktop, and even with our various monitoring solutions I still use some custom notification tools to get alerted when specific issues occur. One of these tools is gnome-notify, which allows you to create a visible notification inside your desktop workspace. This tool has several useful options, which are displayed […]

Switching between the KDE and GNOME window managers on Centos and Fedora Linux hosts

I recently switched a Fedora host from the GNOME window manager to KDE. This exercise allowed me to familiarize myself with how X and the various window managers are organized on Fedora hosts, and I thought I would jot down how to switch between window managers for future reference. When a Fedora host is booted […]

Restarting X and the GNOME window manager on Linux hosts

I useGNOME as my primary desktop at work, and periodically need to restart the Xserver / windowing environment to pick up new changes. If I have an X environment up and running, I will send a cntrl + alt + backspace to restart the X server. If for some reason I’m not able to send […]