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The importance of cleaning up disk headers after testing

Yesterday I was running some benchmarks against a new MySQL server configuration. As part of my testing I wanted to see how things looked with ZFS as the back-end. So I loaded up some SSDs and attempted to create a ZFS pool. Zpool spit out a “device busy” error when I tried to create my […]

Displaying device multi-path statistics on Linux hosts

Linux provides a number of useful utilities for viewing I/O statistics. Atop, iostat, iotop, etc. are extremely useful utilities but they don’t allow you to easily see I/O statistics for each path to a mapper device. To illustrate this lets say you have a mapper device named mpatha with four paths (represented by sdcl, sdnf, […]

Printing tape drive serial numbers

While automating a process this week I needed a way to get the serial number off a batch of tape drives. At first I thought I could retrieve this information through /sys. But after a bunch of poking around with cat, systool and udevadm I realized I couldn’t get what I want through /sys. One […]

Creating happy little block devices with UDEV

I’m a long time admirer of Bob Ross and the amazing paintings he produced on his hit tv show the joy of painting. I’m equally a fan of udev and the power it places in administrators hands. While Bob painted amazing clouds, seascapes and mountains with a swipe of his brush I’m able to make […]

Locating WWPNs on Linux servers

I do a lot of storage-related work, and often times need to grab WWPNs to zone hosts and to mask storage. To gather the WWPNs I would often times use the following script on my RHEL and CentOS servers: #!/bin/sh FC_PATH=”/sys/class/fc_host” for fc_adapter in `ls ${FC_PATH}` do echo “${FC_PATH}/${fc_adapter}:” NAME=$(awk ‘{print $1}’ ${FC_PATH}/${fc_adapter}/symbolic_name ) echo […]

Installing ZFS on a CentOS 6 Linux server

As most of my long term readers know I am a huge Solaris fan. How can’t you love an Operating System that comes with ZFS, DTrace, Zones, FMA and Network Virtualization amongst other things? I use Linux during my day job, and I’ve been hoping for quite some time that Oracle would port one or […]

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