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Using the rsyslog MySQL plug-in to send syslog data to a SQL database

I have been experimenting with ways to better manage the logs my servers generate. Depending on who you ask, folks will recommend sending your logs to a remote syslog server that writes the logs to disk, some may recommend sending it to a log analysis tool similar to splunk, and others would recommend feeding it […]

Integrating ssh-agent into your login process

Most of my readers utilize SSH keys to access remote systems. The security benefits are well known, and key-based authentication makes automating remote tasks a whole lot easier. When you use key-based authentication it becomes imperative to protect your private key, since a third party could access your systems if they were able to gain […]

How to figure out if a processes has been chroot()’ed

A number of applications (e.g., custom chroot jails, openssh, vsftp, apache) support the ability to chroot themselves. To find out if a process called chroot() at startup, you can check the /proc/<pid>/root entry for the process. For non-chrooted processes this entry will point to /: $ ps auxwww | grep [s]endmail root 3643 0.0 0.1 […]

Using exec-shield to protect your Linux servers from stack, heap and integer overflows

I’ve been a long time follower of the OpenBSD project, and their amazing work on detecting and protecting the kernel and applications from stack and heap overflows. Several of the concepts that were developed by the OpenBSD team were made available in Linux, and came by way of the exec-shield project. Of the many useful […]

Securing your Linux vsftp installations by locking down your server and chroot()’ing users

As much as we all hate FTP and the insecurities of the protocol, I’ve given up on the fact that it’s going to be retired anytime soon. A lot of old legacy systems (mainframes, AS400s, etc.) don’t support SSH, but they so support the infamous FTP protocol. These two factors force a lot of companies […]

Forcing your Linux users to use strong passwords

All SysAdmins know the importance of using strong passwords. These are the life blood of our systems, since a weak password will allow an adversary to enter our systems with a minimal amount of work. There are dozens of tools that can generate strong passwords, as well as a number of tools that can be […]

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