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Configuring NSCD to cache DNS host lookups

I haven’t really spent that much time configuring nscd, so I thought I would take a crack at it this morning while sipping my cup of joe. Looking at one of my production hosts, I queried for the “host” cache statistics. This is the nscd cache which keeps DNS lookups. With the nscd daemon running, […]

Who says Linux isn’t stable?

I have been replacing some old hardware over the past few months, and recently noticed that we had several machines with uptimes in the hundreds of days (one 800+ days). For the longest time I thought only Solaris and AIX provided this kind of stability, but over the past few years I’ve started to include […]

Why the ext3 fsck’s after X days or Y mounts?

Reading through my RSS feeds, I came across the following blog post describing one Linux administrator using tune2fs to disable the “please run fsck on this file system after X days or Y mounts.” I’ve got to admit, this is kind of annoying. I’ve taken production critical Linux boxes down for some maintenance, only to […]

Keeping up to date with CentOS happenings

I just found out the folks in the CentOS community have a planet feed! If you are interested in keeping up to date with all things CentOS, you should add their feed to your RSS reader.

Initng speeds up Linux boot times / provides service resilancy

One feature I really liked in Solaris 10 was SMF.  It provides a framework using services manifests on the system to automatically respawn services should they die off.  It handles dependencies, restarts, and a single unified command set to configure the system using svcs, svccfg, and svcadm. Linux looks like they’ve started to integrate some […]

Duplicate RPM names showing up in the rpm query output

I had to install some software last night on one of my 64-bit CentOS Linux hosts, and noticed that glibc was listed twice in my rpm query: $ rpm -q -a | grep glibc-2.5-34 glibc-2.5-34 glibc-2.5-34 At first I thought my RPM package database was borked, but then it dawned on me that there are […]

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