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Locating Linux LVM (Logical Volume Manager) free space

The Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) provides a relatively easy way to combine block devices into a pool of storage that you can allocate storage out of. In LVM terminology, there are three main concepts: Physical Volumes – A sequence of sectors on a physical device. Volume Groups – A group of physical volumes. Logical […]

Getting E-mail notifications when MD devices fail

I use the MD (multiple device) logical volume manager to mirror the boot devices on the Linux servers I support. When I first started using MD, the mdadm utility was not available to manage and monitor MD devices. Since disk failures are relatively common in large shops, I used the shell script from my SysAdmin […]

Linux LVM silliness

While attempting to create a 2-way LVM mirror this weekend on my Fedora Core 5 workstation, I received the following error: $ lvcreate -L1024 -m 1 vgdata Not enough PVs with free space available for parallel allocation. Consider –alloc anywhere if desperate. Since the two devices were initialized specifically for this purpose and contained no […]