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Working around problems with a CentOS 6 kickstart upgrade

Each time I go to deploy a new release of Centos or Fedora I encounter a new “feature” or “change” that breaks configurations that previously worked. I recently encountered several problems upgrading several hosts to FEDORA 16, and this afternooon I encountered another issue while attempting to upgrade several Centos 5 servers to Centos 6. […]

Working around various Fedora 16 installation errors

I went to upgrade a few of my lab machines to Fedora 16 today and encountered a number of issues. The first issue I encountered was related to missing “%end” tags in my kickstart configuration file. The specific error was “Section does not end with %end”: It appears Fedora now requires the %packages and %post […]

Installing Fedora Core 10 in text mode

By default, Fedora core 10 will install in graphical mode. This is not ideal for the vast majority of my hosts, since they run inside a VMWare virtual machine. To get Fedora Core 10 to install in text mode, you can hit the <tab> key at the install screen and add the keyword “text” to […]

Kickstarting Linux without a DHCP server

Kickstart is a super useful techology for performing Linux installations. Typically when you type linux ks=XXX from the boot menu: boot: linux ks=floppy:/ks.cfg The host will use DHCP to acquire an IP address. If a DHCP server isn’t available on the network you want to perform the kickstart on, you can forego DHCP and assign […]