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Debugging and hardware links

I came across a few nifty articles on PCI, interrupt handlers, FB-DIMM and debugging this week: PCI for developers: Advanced interrupt handlers: When Linux runs out of memory: Introducing FB-DIMMM memory: Signals as a Linux debugging tool:

PHP security links

While reading up on PHP security, I came across several links that I thought I would pass on: Security Focus article on securing PHP installations: Article on PHP attack vectors and defenses: Bugtraq discussion on PHP security:

Measuring network bandwidth with iPerf

While scouring the Internet last weekend for network testing tools, I came across the super nifty Iperf utility: This is a cool utility for testing the TCP/IP stack of a given host, and contains support for IPv6. Nice!

Operating System resource center

While scouring the ‘net for information this week, I came across the Operating System resource center: This is an awesome site, and covers a wide variety of information on Operating Systems.

Interesting article on dreaming

While scouring my list of news sources, I came across an interesting article on dreaming. The article has some awesome stuff, but my favorite tidbit of information relates to sleep deprivation: “Experiments that have been conducted by various psychologists, who have in their time worked in the field of ‘Sleep deprivation,’ have shown that subjects […]

Awesome SIP Tutorial

I have been spending a bit of my time reading up on VOIP protocols. While searching the ‘net for good SIP/RTP/RTCP documentation, I came across an awesome SIP tutorial. This tutorial is extremely well written, and definitely one of the best I have found so far!

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