Debugging and hardware links

I came across a few nifty articles on PCI, interrupt handlers, FB-DIMM and debugging this week:

PCI for developers:

Advanced interrupt handlers:

When Linux runs out of memory:

Introducing FB-DIMMM memory:

Signals as a Linux debugging tool:

PHP security links

While reading up on PHP security, I came across several links that I thought I would pass on:

Security Focus article on securing PHP installations:

Article on PHP attack vectors and defenses:

Bugtraq discussion on PHP security:

Interesting article on dreaming

While scouring my list of news sources, I came across an interesting article on dreaming. The article has some awesome stuff, but my favorite tidbit of information relates to sleep deprivation:

“Experiments that have been conducted by various psychologists, who have in their time worked in the field of ‘Sleep deprivation,’ have shown that subjects who have been exposed to long periods of uninterrupted consciousness appear to become increasingly paranoid.

One possible explanation for this paranoia could be severe interference of clear thinking in an individual. This interference may result from the vast amount of information, which is just hanging around in such a person’s conscious mind, awaiting categorisation and eventual storage.

Another symptom of prolonged periods of sleep deprivation is a tendency towards hallucination. Again this appears to be the result of the unsorted information in the individual’s mind, interfering with their ability to think clearly.”

This helps explain why I see smurfs after my late night change windows. ;)